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Events and Activities . . .

There are quite a few Beer Festivals and other Beer-related events in Savannah during the Fall.
Learn more about upcoming Beer activities in Savannah online at

Visit the Jepson Art Center
The Center offers many exhibits, displays, and fun activites for the whole family.
There is also a wonderful gift shop and an excellent restaurant (both of which you can visit without having to pay admission).
For info about the Telfair Museum's Jepson Center, visit:

Events at River's Edge - 6206 Waters Ave. - Free and Open to the Public!
Many fun and informative events are scheduled regularly.
For complete info, including dates and times, visit:

Wednesday Nights - 8:00pm
Psychotronic Film Night at The Sentient Bean
The Psychotronic Film Society of Savannah shows obscure and/or underappreciated films from around the world every Wednesday at the Sentient Bean. Whether extremely well-made or "so bad they're good," their selections are always rare, unique and memorable.

Weekend fun at the Bamboo Farm
Fun family activities at the Bamboo Farm & Coastal Gardens
Call (912) 921-5897 or visit

Live Oak Library Events
Check out the free Library Events offered for the whole family at the many Library branches throughout the Savannah area. For a list of services and activities, visit their website regularly at:

Forsyth Farmers Market
Fresh veggies each week!
South end of Forsyth Park (at East Park Ave) - 9 AM-1 PM Saturdays

Visit the local business directory website,, the place to find comprehensive listings of local Savannah businesses, arranged by popular trending categories.

The usual search engines are great if you know the name of the business you are searching for; however, sometimes you don't know the name of the place you are looking for. For instance, when looking for a great place to eat. Most people do not know the names (or locations) of ALL local Savannah restaurants. instantly displays a simple single list of local restaurants for your browsing pleasure.

Of course, there is still a standard search bar entry option for a business name or keywords, if that is what works best for you.

Additionally, there is a complete map of the Savannah area, showing all of the business locations so that you can find a particular place that is near you.

Go to and see for yourself how this "quick & easy" resource website can help you with current and comprehensive category listings of local Savannah businesses. can be accessed from your desktop, or through your tablet or smart phone when you are out and about.

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